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Selenium avoid stale element

This Exception occurs when driver is trying to perform action on the element which is no longer exists or not valid.

selenium avoid stale element

In order overcome this, we need to explicitly wait until the DOM is in a state where we are sure that DOM won't change. Here the reference to the element in the DOM that previously had becomes stale and we can no longer able to use this reference click call to interact with the element in the DOM.

Try to get around this by first using an explicit wait on the element to ensure the ajax call is complete, then get a reference to the element again. You can also user implicit waits, in which Webdriver will check for the element to become present until the specified timeout:.

If even this is not working for you, try giving an other locator which gives some positive results.

How to solve Stale Element Reference exception in Selenium Webdriver

And in the last if nothing works out, just retrying it for second time would work sometimes. This solution is not recommended because of time taken for each iteration that fails to find the element and end up wasting time in retry. I trying to integrate webdriver with PhantomJSDriver for headless browser automation but its not working properly. Getting error. IllegalStateException: The path to the driver executable must be set by the phantomjs.

I think you need to add the path of your phantom to your class path. You need to open the environmental variable and update the path. Use ' try -- catch' in for loop for Java, ' try -- except' in for loop for Python. Hi I have one label after clicking on it it is dispalying list of image alnog with the iteam example its displying salad and asking user to select list of the salad displying in the list of the images ,dispalying pie and asking select list of the items size like pie likewiese the label and images are getting change after every click if user will select the label displyed list of images user will able to click on verify button and page will redirect to the next if not the label will refresh to new item along with list of the images.

I have tried explicit wait as well as the above code but still getting the same error : Error : "Element not found in the cache - perhaps the page has changed since it was looked up Command duration or timeout: It works some times but not always.

Is there any other way to handle this? Skip to main content. Check Our Demo Website! Selenium Easy. Free selenium tutorials for beginners and experts. Selenium Tutorials:. Selenium Tutorials. HiI trying to integrate webdriver with PhantomJSDriver for headless browser automation but its not working properly. Regards, Dhanapalan.

It depends on browser. Your name. More information about text formats. Save Preview. All Rights Reserved.The Stale Element Reference Exception is one of the infamous exceptions in selenium. This exception is caused when:.

Every HTML webpage contains elements buttons, links, checkbox etc. In this example, we will try to perform some operation on a web element.

Once the action is performed, we will refresh the browser through the code and try to perform same operation on the same web element. A pop up is displayed with some text and Close button.

Click on the Close button and then hit refresh to again see the pop up. This refresh operation triggers DOM restructuring and our test will fail if it tries to click on Close button again. This failure happens due to Stale Element Reference Exception as the reference of Close button is obsolete after the page refresh.

Below code tries to emulate the Stale Element Reference Exception:. Below is break down of the code:.

To start with the solution, consider following points:. We will write a new static method retryClickElement which accepts 2 arguments:. This method is declared statichence WebDriver variable driver reference is common to this method too. Below is the complete updated code:. The second restartModal. Using the above logic, our program will always send the xpath value instead of web element reference whenever there is a change in DOM. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Menu Selenium TestNG. When I am not working, I like to spend time with my family, cooking and learning new developments in IT. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:.

selenium avoid stale element

Recommended Reads. Subscribe Here!Really thanks for this best explanation. Even after iteration this solution is not working for me can some one suggest me a working solution. StaleObjectReference could be a real nightmare.

I got the idea of StableWebElement - a wrapper which could detect Stale reference situation and try to find a new reference to the original element. I tried with 2nd solution:' for loop' and my problem got solved. How To Handle staleelementreferenceexception Selenium Webdriver.

One more webdriver exception Is stale element reference exception. Just recently I have faced this exception In my test with exception message as bellow. StaleElementReferenceException: Element not found in the cache - perhaps the page has changed since it was looked up. Stale means old or we can say no longer fresh element. Let me describe you In very simple words. Example : You have a search text box on software web page. When you search for some keyword, text box's position get changed on page.

So In this case, Look and feel, Identifiers etc. This Is just example. You can have different situation or scenario. This will happen only some times but you must know how to resolve It. There may be some other reasons too for this exception. Now let us try to resolve or handle this exception.

In some cases, After refreshing the page or javascript action, Position of element will remains same but still you will get this exception. Unknown 1 November at Unknown 2 January at Arun 11 May at Unknown 21 August at Unknown 20 March at Newer Post Older Post Home.I have seen so many exception in my application and after struggling couple of hours got the solution, which I already listed.

You can refer below post, which will help you in case if you will get the exception. If you are new to Selenium then refer post to see how to handle exception. Please check Selenium official documentation for the same. Sometimes it takes the time to attach element on Dom so you can retry using for loop and try catch. In the above program, we will try for specific element max 3 times and if the element is located in the first shot itself then it will break from for loop and come out of the loop.

This solution, which worked for me, I have mentioned here if you have any additional scenario, which worked for you then comment below or contact me so that we can add into solution list. Could you please create an example for this as for those who have not faced this problem might not be able to implement this in a program.

Even if you can inform some URL where this can be tested it would be great. Hi Mukesh, I am confused a little bit. Why using explicit or implicit wait is not one of the solutions?

Wait does not work always.

What is StaleElementReferenceException? How do you resolve stale element exception in selenium?

Explicit works sometime for this but implicit wait never works in this exception. Could you please suggest some solutions for this specific scenario or can we expect these failure since we are running around scripts. Automation never gives ROI but still you can add below feature in your project which will run failed test cases. I am also getting the above exception while selecting value from drop down. Can i solve this by using the solution no 2? Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Two reasons for Stale element reference. Example- If you are trying to click on link and getting the exception then try in below format. Sysout e. Comments Could you please create an example for this as for those who have not faced this problem might not be able to implement this in a program.

For this I have to check as of now I dont have any scenario for this. Good article, really a wonderful way of explaining things. Hi Ashish, Wait does not work always. I love you men!!!

Selenium Easy

I was going crazy to solve this!!By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

I'm implementing a lot of Selenium tests using Java. Sometimes, my tests fail due to a StaleElementReferenceException. Could you suggest some approaches to making the tests more stable? This can happen if a DOM operation happening on the page is temporarily causing the element to be inaccessible. To allow for those cases, you can try to access the element several times in a loop before finally throwing an exception. Try this excellent solution from darrelgrainger. I was having this issue intermittently.

Unbeknownst to me, BackboneJS was running on the page and replacing the element I was trying to click. My code looked like this. What would occasionally happen was the javascript would replace the checkoutLink element in between finding and clicking it, ie. Which rightfully led to a StaleElementReferenceException when trying to click the link.

I couldn't find any reliable way to tell WebDriver to wait until the javascript had finished running, so here's how I eventually solved it. This code will continually try to click the link, ignoring StaleElementReferenceExceptions until either the click succeeds or the timeout is reached. I like this solution because it saves you having to write any retry logic, and uses only the built-in constructs of WebDriver.

Get around this by first using an explicit wait on the element to ensure the update is complete, then grab a fresh reference to the element again. But anyway, best solution is to rely on Selenide library, it handles this kind of things and more. The reason why the StaleElementReferenceException occurs has been laid out already: updates to the DOM between finding and doing something with the element. This actually waits and checks if the element in question has been refreshed during the specified timeout and additionally waits for the element to become clickable.

Have a look at the documentation for the refreshed method. In my project I introduced a notion of StableWebElement. It is a wrapper for WebElement which is able to detect if element is Stale and find a new reference to the original element. I have added a helper methods to locating elements which return StableWebElement instead of WebElement and the problem with StaleElementReference disappeared. Kenny's solution is deprecated use this, i'm using actions class to double click but you can do anything.

This is heavily based off of jspcal's answer but I had to modify that answer to get it working cleanly with our setup and so I wanted to add it here in case it's helpful to others. If this answer helped you, please go upvote jspcal's answer. Try doing the whole thing in Javascript:. I've found solution here. In my case element becomes inaccessible in case of leaving current window, tab or page and coming back again.

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selenium avoid stale element

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selenium avoid stale element

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How To Handle staleelementreferenceexception Selenium Webdriver

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