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Lords mobile calculator

As we all know, the battle is the core of Lords Mobile, and then troops play an important role in the war. Join it! The objective is to be a member of the strongest guild and BURN all others.

Without troops, this would be impossible. Infantry, Ranged, Calvary, and Sieged. There are also four different tiers for each troop. The last but not least tier 4 troops are incomparable to the previous three tiers.

However, they require a lot of effort to achieve as they are the last to be unlocked and there are a lot of requirements such as research needed in order for them to be unlocked. Barracks are where troops are trained. Depending on the barracks level, the higher the barrack, the more troops you can train.

It only increases the number of troops you can train at one time. Below shows the number of troops you can train depending on your barrack level. When training troops, I recommend mahindra 2555 clutch adjustment infantry, ranged, and calvary evenly.

Train siege troops the least. However, you do not need to use as many siege troops compared to the others. For example, here is a list of my troops. As you can see, I have all t3 troops. My infantry and calvary are pretty even, then my ranged is about double the amount, and sieged is about half the amount. The reasoning behind training troops evenly is because they each have a counter. Easiest way to think of this is Rock Paper Scissors.Account Options Sign in.

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lords mobile calculator

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Lords Mobile! Tips and Tricks for Darknest Rally

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Lords Mobile – Guide for Troops

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade.Once killed, the Darknest gives out essence which you can transmute in the transmutation lab to obtain rewards gems, resources, speed ups etc.

The prizes you get really depends on the colour of the essence and not necessarily on the essence level. Each essence has a level from 1 to As always, keep researching your Military tree to get your troops as strong as possible and also, the Military Command is really helpful Invasion will increase your troop size that you can send to a nest, Convention raises the Darknest Coalition Travel Speed which gives everyone the boost travelling with you and Navigation increases travel speed for the Rally host which speeds up the entire rally going to the nest, but only the host with the research on the way back.

Step 1: Scout! The difficulty of rallying a darknest is positive correlated with the lvl of Dark Essence. Indeed, there are no losses when you hit them whether you win the fight or you lose it. There is only a small amount of wounded involve, but not dead troops. To be able to hit a darknest, there must be at least 2 players, if not the rally will be automatically cancelled. If there are 2 troop types, and the number of one type of troops is heavier than the other one, the deployment is similar to a single troop type.

If the leader is deployed, all the green stats apply. So, if you have Infantry and Ranged — send 2 Infantry heroes, 2 Ranged heroes and as we normally send Siege to darknests, send 1 Siege hero. Your heroes will increase the number of troops you can send as well. So, assign them first before assigning your troops. If there are none, the heroes will remain in the background and won't use their special abilities.

Step 4: GEAR Be sure to match the gear you are wearing to the troop types and it always depend on your main troops.

Once the wall is breached, your lineup will change to a Cavalry lineup. And if your battle relies on Ranged lineup, you will suffer severe loss. Ever wonder about the various heroes you see when scouting a darknest? As the wall of the Darknest is too tough and multi types of troops will cause unpredictable Lineup change. The one extra troops are very important because they stall the darkness troops for about 5 seconds allowing your archers to deal more damage.

As long as the darkness formation is not in Cavalry wedge or Ranged formation you will hit the Cavs first. Also entering battle furry will give you an extra attack boost as well. Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Search for: Search. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Unlocked at level 10, Colosseum is a fierce PVP competition that pits you against other players in your kingdom, including guildmates, for gems!

Ever changing and ever challenging, it can be hard for a beginner to figure out how to excel. Rose knight, scarlet bolt, demon slayer, prima donna, tracker countered by Death knight, rose knight, sea squire, trickster, tracker. Rose knight, child of light, prima donna, tracker, trickster countered by.

Barbarian, Big Guy, rose knight, tracker, Prima donna countered by Rose knight, petite devil, sea squire, incinerator, tickster. Rose knight, big guy, incinerator, tracker, prima donna countered by rose knight, sea squie, incinerator, Black crow, tracker. For a more comprehensive F2P guide, check out the lords mobile wiki.

These following tips are theoretical but it can help you to pick the right hero at the right time. Examples of team lineup. As I said, there is no best team composition. It is better if you add 1 tank to your defense team. Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Previous Previous post: About the Lords Tournament. Search for: Search. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Hey bro, if a level 4 dn has k cavs and k ranged, what would you send?

The Infantry will all die, but it will occupy the Cavalry in the nest for a minute to give the Ranged a chance to pick them off. What would you send, Arc? Me personally? Should you?

Please scroll up to the section regarding siege. The CAV will rush out and engage first, regardless of formation. I've never had much luck with sending Ranged only to nests and having the defenders rush out.

lords mobile calculator

Every time they jump the wall, I have issues. When I send something with the Ranged, I don't. Something to experiment with I guess. T is right. If the defenders do not charge out then while you are destroying the wall your troops will mostly get hurt by the traps.

But if the defenders do charge out then your troops will also mostly get hurt by Darknest's troops while they are still mainly focusing on destroying the wall. Hence your troops' morale will drop a lot faster than the DN's troops' morale. It depends on your stats, depends on how quickly you can take down the wall.

And cav vs range means your range don't take as much damage as you think, the few hits they will get in while you take down the wall is worth having your troops targeting the cav before ranged once the wall comes down. Yeah, exactly what Anonymous 2 and Syckhero said. But a Lvl 4? A Lvl 5?To make the most of this tool consider to Registerso that you can manage multiple Talent tree configuration, save, load, and share with others. Or use the following links to plan your Talent tree without the possibility of saving: Plan New Talent Tree Configuration Find this website useful?

Please consider providing me with some much needed energy to keep going! Register and most will be removed. Toggle navigation gamesguideinfo. Talent Tree Planner for Lords Mobile. Welcome to the Skill Tree Planner. You can really plan out how you want to fill your tree, save multiple sets for various purposes, and run "what if" scenarios without dealing with inputting thousands of points into the game itself a tedious process at best! Before you do anything, visit the Game Parameters section to input your Commander level and number of skill points available.

As you can see, there are 2 functionalities in the tool, one being to set those boosts that you want to maximize the points for, the other being Fill Prerequisites. Choose the Boosts you want, hit "Fill Selected Boosts" and the tool will automatically backfill the minimum number of points to advance down the tree, maximizing the selections you have made. If you have many points left over, add some more Skill Projects Depending on how the numbers fall, it may be advisable to remove some points from the maxxed tiles so you end up with a 0 balance of points remaining.

The method works just fine until you hit the row at Commander After that level, minimum requirements to advance down the tree go from 10 to Going by the Boosts will make you very quickly run into a large negative amount of points remaining.

Even more so starting at Commanderwhere every project has an extra attack, health or defense boost at lvl This is the time to use the other "functionality" the Fill Prerequisites.

Make sure that you turn of all Boosts, then look at all the tiles below 90 that you want to max and max them If not, re-assess what you have chosen.

Once you have points remaining, and prerequisites taken care of, use the remaining points to fill above the 90 line. Once you are happy with what you have created, transfer it to a skill tree preset in the game. This is a very tedious process, very prone to mistakes like maxxing a tile that should only have 10 points in it especially if you have gotten well past Commander level. Just be extra alert during the process and then enjoy the fruits of your labor and this amazing tool! Or use the following links to plan your Talent tree without the possibility of saving: Plan New Talent Tree Configuration.

Find this website useful? User Comments.Darknests are NPC Castles. They spawn in random locations throughout all Kingdoms, in five different levels, and last for 24 hours, matching the cycle of the 24h Challenge.

lords mobile calculator

Darknests can be rallied by members of the same Guildto obtain Dark Essence. Rally length can be set to either 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. A minimum of two players are required to partake in the rally. If the Captain is the only player in the rally, it will automatically be cancelled and the rally Captain will receive a system message stating:.

There are five Darknest levels, which spawn in different areas on the Kingdom Map. The coordinates can be also shared in chat from this window.

Players can scout the Darknest, to obtain a detailed troop composition and reveal the Dark Essence level. The troop composition in a Darknest will often correlate with the Darknest Leader. Dark Essence can be transmuted in the Transmutation Labto obtain a random reward. The 8 hour Darknest rallies are usually only used to hide troops from opponents, as they can't be attacked when they are in the rally.

These are called "Fake" or "Ghost" rallies. This tactic is however not accepted in many Guilds, as it has a number of drawbacks:. When tapping on a Darknest, the Might number will sometimes be shown as 0. If the player waits a few seconds, and taps on the nest again, the actual Might will be displayed.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. X Darknest has been canceled! Either because not enough allies joined the rally, or our troops lost track of the target.

A shameful display! Many of the wounded and dead have been saved! Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.

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