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Iframe embed authentication

I have a Shield-protected Kibana 4. I know this isn't best idea to embed credentials in the iframe, but this is an internal system and we don't want users to have to authenticate twice once to our site, once to Kibana.

Double auth very much limits our use-case for Kibana. If you are using Shield 2. It doesn't work as you've put in your example. Instead, pass a valid Basic Authorization header with the request will cause Shield will validate the session, creating and using an authorization cookie in the background.

I generated the Base64 string out of the username:password combination with this unix one-liner:. I really don't know. You and a colleague have been posting in another thread about trying to do this, and according to messages there, you are getting this error:.

I don't know enough about this to know if your proxy might be preventing the Cloud proxy's header from persisting. It should be possible to route to the Elastic Cloud using nginx, there's just an extra header you need to supply, eg:. There may be other issues, it's not something I've tried; but based on the error you're currently getting, this extra header should at least get you one step closer! Ok, but how do I set up server. I can't access the kibana. Ah sorry - you cannot currently set server.

The alternative that we see people do a fair bit in these sorts of scenarios is to run their Kibana outside of Elastic Cloud pointing at an Elasticsearch instance in the cloud Obviously that's a bit of a pain, but Kibana is generally easier to run and maintain than Elasticsearch anyway.

The place to go to understand how nginx configurations work, is the nginx documentation or forums. Thank you tsullivan for your recommendations and sample nginx configuration. I know it is a work around and it will not solve all issues. Hi, tsullivan my ELK is version 6.

I want to let users can auto authenticate to x-pack security. Do I need to install shield into Kibana? How can I connect nginx with x-pack? X-Pack is the commercial suite of products that includes Security formerly called Shield.

To auto authenticate, set up a reverse proxy that passes through to the Kibana server.Categories Categories Recent Posts Statistics. Home Liferay Portal English 1. Branden Boucher, modified 8 Years ago. I have been researching how to pass the user name and password to an IFrame and I noticed three issues.

iframe embed authentication

First, if there are multiple IFrames on one page and one of them is switched to use Form authentication, the other IFrames on the page are also affected and they all try to show the same page.

Is there a fix for this? Second, even when you are just testing and only have one IFrame on the page that is switched to use basic authentication, you have to hard code in the login. I did notice an updated proxy. And that is where the Third issue comes in.

iframe embed authentication

Third, when I tried to use the updated proxy. I then noticed when I tried to revert back to the backup file, the debug info still showed up.

I am really worried that if I tried to make more changes, I will not be able to revert back to a backup. Can someone explain what is going on here? Please help me on these issues as they are stopping us from continuing on with some intended projects for Liferay.

Branden Boucher, modified 10 Years ago. I know that there are some other threads on some of these issues but I have not found my answers yet. Anyone else out there in the same boat? Jason Morton, modified 10 Years ago. I am having a similar issue.

I am getting the username but the password is coming up blank. Patrice Laramee, modified 9 Years ago. Jason Morton:. James Falkner, modified 9 Years ago.With the new Embed option for Power BI reports, you can easily and securely embed reports in internal web portals. These portals can be cloud-based or hosted on-premisessuch as SharePoint Embedded reports respect all item permissions and data security through row-level security RLS.

They provide no-code embedding into any portal that accepts a URL or iFrame. On the More options Select the Embed option to open a dialog that provides a link and an iFrame you can use to embed the report securely.

Whether a user opens a report URL directly, or one embedded in a web portal, report access requires authentication. The following screen appears if a user has not signed-in to Power BI in their browser session. When they select Sign-Ina new browser window or tab could open. Have them check for pop-up blockers if they don't get prompted to sign in.

After the user has signed in, the report opens, showing the data and allowing page navigation and filter setting. Only users who have view permission can see the report in Power BI. All row-level security RLS rules are also applied. Lastly, the user needs to be correctly licensed — either they need a Power BI Pro license, or the report must be in a workspace that is in a Power BI Premium capacity.

The user needs to sign in each time they open a new browser window. However, once signed in, other reports load automatically.

When using an iFrame, you may need to edit the height and width to have it fit in your portal's web page.


The Embed option doesn't automatically permit users to view the report. View permissions are set in the Power BI service. In the Power BI service, you can share embedded reports with users requiring access. If you're using a Microsoft Group, you can list the user as a workspace member. For more information, see how to manage your workspace in Power BI and Microsoft You can customize the user experience using the embed URL's input settings.

In the provided iFrame, you can update the URL's src settings.Can I pass a Username and Password for a system account to my embedded iFrame on my web application? With my current imlpementation, I can only view the iFrame if the app is on my local machine where I am prompted for credentials. When the app is deployed to the server, nothing loads because I am not able to provide credentials. If it is not possible to pass the paramaters, is there any way in the current offering to embed a Power BI report from Report Server in my web application?

Embed a report in a secure portal or website

Once you have your URL, you can create an iFrame within a web page, to host the report. Hi Yuliana, thanks for the reply. I actually have completed these steps from the documentation already and they are working as expected. My issue is that the Report Server requires credentials to see the report. How can I pass the credentials in the application so that any user even ones that don't have access to the report server can view the report?

A solution to this is also on the road map. Pass encrypted session ID you can use different mechanism through js post method call, and authenticate the user in logon. Find your favorite faces from the community presenting at the Power Platform Community Conference!

Power BI. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:.

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Message 1 of Message 2 of Asked by acslakelandApril 26, I Have 4 Separate data pages that share 1 authentication.

My second Problem is that i have cross app login enabled, which works perfectly with URL or html deployment so i know its properly set up, however i can not get it to work in my i frames. Any Ideas on how to fix it so the customer doesn't have to log in in each window? I have tried to deploy 2 pages as iframe and I still stay in both!!! It should be working as long as you stay in the same browser. I even tried on my phone and it is working fine. It is a Mobile App that is downloaded to your phone.

Ask a question. Posted April 26, Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts. Posted April 28, I Have created a test account. Refaeliadria 0 Posted April 29, Posted April 29, MayMusic Posted April 26, If you give me the URL to your page I might be able to figure out the issue.

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I need to authenticate a request being sent from an iframe which is being created through javascript on a page. The authentication will be done with basic http authentication. I've tried doing. Is there another way I can add the authentication into the request so the iframe will automatically authenticate with the server? I had to solve this exact issue. The only solution I could come up with is using a reverse proxy.

This works like this:. So there is a reverse proxy running somewhere separately from the destination server. Details of the basic authentication is stored in the reverse proxy. Say the URL in iframe looks like this assuming the reverse proxy runs on port :. That was the basic idea.

iframe embed authentication

Depending on the requirements of your projects you may be able to find a suitable reverse proxy that could be used for that purpose. My project is written in Erlang and I couldn't find any proxy that I could use, so I implemented my own. It doesn't have any documentation yet but the code is fairly simple.

It could be potentially used with any project written in any language, but currently the limitation is that the configuration is being added using Erlang calls as in my project it is being supplied from another Erlang application. Reading the configuration from a static file, as well as a better documentation, can be added if only there is any demand for that :. Learn more. Basic authentication for a url in an iframe Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 6 months ago.

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iframe embed authentication

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Responding to the Lavender Letter and commitments moving forward. Linked 4.They were almost always a bad approach to design. Should it have been deprecated too? Is it best to just avoid it? There are some valid uses for this element, but you really need to understand what it is and how it works in order to avoid some of the pitfalls that were so common in the dark times.

Both elements represent an independant HTML document. They content for the document is referenced in the src attribute of each element, so it is actually a fully independent resource being referenced from the current document. For example, consider this embedded YouTube video:.

How to Embed an iFrame in WordPress (Responsive YouTube Embeds)

The video is clearly on the pagenot in some separate panel somewhere else. It was terrible. You may find yourself tasked with updating or redesigning an old website that was built using frames. Here are a few:. Disclosure: Your support helps keep the site running! We earn a referral fee for some of the services we recommend on this page. Learn more. Contents 1 Code Example 2 Powerful, but easy to misuse 2. Adam is a technical writer who specializes in developer documentation and tutorials.

Attributes of iframe Attribute name Values Notes sandbox Places a set of security and usability restrictions on the iframe. Deprecated in HTML5.

Use CSS instead. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Was used to set the alignment of an inline frame relative to surrounding elements. Was used to toggle the display of a border around an iframe.

Was used to specify URL containing a long description of an iframe. Was used to control the width of margins around an iframe. Was used to control the vertical spacing around an iframe.

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