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Free synthesizer app android

When it comes to analog synthesizers, there's no doubt that iOS users have a slight advantage over those who prefer Android.

For all the advantages that Android has, iOS still has the edge in terms of audio. Of course, while definitely fewer, this doesn't mean that there are no software synthesizers available on Android. So, if you are unwilling to make the leap from Android to Apple, you still have a few options available to you when it comes to synthesizers.

Unfortunately, the market for Android apps is also a lot more crowded than iOS, which can make it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. So, if you are a staunch Android supporter and would like to make some noise on your phone or tablet, here are a few options to choose from. Just remember that the specifications of your Android device can have a big impact on the quality of the soft synth you choose.

Latency is always an issue with audio applications on Android, so it is nice to see that the developers of Common Analog Synthesizer managed to overcome this issue. As the name suggests, it is a no thrills virtual analog synthesizer with a clean layout and decent sound quality. While it is one of the older synth apps on Android, it is completely free and you can still coax some interesting sounds out of it thanks to two oscillators, 3 envelopes, 1 LFO, cross-modulation and more.

QiBrd is another interesting virtual analog synthesizer that is not only free, but also doesn't have any adverts. However, if you want to add a recording feature to QiBrd you need to purchase this module separately. It is not an app that tries to mimic any particular vintage synthesizer, but instead focuses on ease of use. This app has also been used live by a couple of artists, so with the right hardware you'll be able to do the same.

While this is probably not for musicians who are looking for an accurate simulation of a real analog vintage synth, it will definitely appeal to beginners or those who simply want to play around with analog sounds. SonaSynth Anlog Synthesizer is an android app that is also getting a bit long in the tooth at this point, but it has the advantage of being completely free and very easy to play, which makes it ideal for newcomers.

This app features volume and frequency envelopes, low frequency oscillators, two main oscillators with octave and siminote tuning, frequency modulation as well as a sound wave graph. The interface is very intuitive as well, but unfortunately you'll have to put up with a few random ads while using it. Kosmiche Synthesizer is a virtual analog synthesizer and algorithmic sequencer that is probably a little too limited for experts, but can provide a lot of fun if you are a newcomer to the synth craze.

It has a user interface that features several types of widgets and adjustments can be made via the sliders, buttons, choiceboxes, knobs and scrollboxes. In terms of features you get an analog-style step sequencer, two multi-waveform oscillators, a Moog-style resonant low-pass filter, tunable delay and reverb, random patch generation and much more.

Users who enjoy this app can also support the developer by buying the paid version. Bristol PolySynth is one of the oldest Android software synthesizers on this list, but it still delivers what it promises; the emulation of an 80s classic analogue poly synth. It has one oscillator, noise, mixer, filter as well as a pair of envelope generators. In addition, it has support for pressure sensitive touch screens, the use of an accelerometer for the pitch and mod wheel, along with multi-touch and zooming interface facilities.

The option for analog filters are also included in the interface, which consumes extra CPU cycles, but shouldn't be an issue on modern Android devices. This virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer not only recreates the characteristic sound of an analog synth, but it is designed for portability. The same sound engine is shared across all of its supported platforms and you can even sync your patches among devices by using the cloud preset sync tech.

The best Android music making apps in the world today

With two main oscillators, one sub-oscillator, one noise source, 4 pole self-resonant low pass ladder filter, 2 pole multimode filter, 2 LFO's and 2 analog modeled envelope generators, arpeggiator with four modes and much more, it's definitely not lacking in features either.

Common Analog Synthesizer by Oxxxide Latency is always an issue with audio applications on Android, so it is nice to see that the developers of Common Analog Synthesizer managed to overcome this issue. SonaSynth Analog Synthesizer by Sonatina Apps SonaSynth Anlog Synthesizer is an android app that is also getting a bit long in the tooth at this point, but it has the advantage of being completely free and very easy to play, which makes it ideal for newcomers.

Kosmische Synthesizer by Nicolas Steven Miller Kosmiche Synthesizer is a virtual analog synthesizer and algorithmic sequencer that is probably a little too limited for experts, but can provide a lot of fun if you are a newcomer to the synth craze.

Bristol PolySynth by Nick Copeland Bristol PolySynth is one of the oldest Android software synthesizers on this list, but it still delivers what it promises; the emulation of an 80s classic analogue poly synth. View the discussion thread. Vintage Synth Explorer is Alive!Even the most diehard Apple hater would have to admit that, if you want access to the best music-making apps on the marketyou need an iOS device.

Many of us do own Android phones, and would love to be able to do some music stuff on them. Fortunately, there are now quite a few decent apps that enable you to do precisely that. Here, we present an updated list of what we think are the best Android music making apps in the world today. Sign in to your Google Play account, click through the slides and get downloading. While some Android music making apps lack the visual elegance of their iOS counterparts, G-Stomper really looks the part.

It has it in the features department, too; you can step sequence a drum machine and virtual analogue synth to create full productions. FL Studio Mobile is a self-contained music production platform that enables you to create projects using synths, a sampler, drum kits, loops and with audio tracks. Version 3 has just been released, which looks like a pretty big update.

The app also has a completely new look. Owners of the PC version of FL Studio should also be aware that projects started in the Android edition can be continued on your desktop. Long regarded as one of the best Android music making apps on the market, Caustic enables you to make music using up to 14 devices, with the toolbox including various synths, a drum machine, an organ, a vocoder, effects, a mixer and a sequencer.

Most parameters can be automated, and several of the devices can host your own WAV or SoundFont files. You can also load FL Studio Mobile instruments. Bottom line: if you want to make music on an Android device, Caustic is one of the very best places to start.

Download Single Cell Software Caustic 3. A pad-based music making environment that enables you to sample, sequence and program beats on your Android device. It features analogue-style synths including a emulation and a drum machine that emulates several classic hardware models including theand You can create tracks via the real-time step sequencer and there's a 4-channel mixer.

Buy Mikrosonic RD4 - Groovebox. Purists will insist that it has to be used on the Game Boybut nanoloop is also available to Android users. You can use up to eight patterns and two instruments per channel. Buy Oliver Wittchow nanoloop. Its modular design enables you to work with a variety of sound generators, and there are also effects and a sampling option.

If you want to go a little deeper with your Android music making, look no further. Buy Alexander Zolotov SunVox. A simple audio recording app with basic editing features is a must for capturing interesting sounds or making quick recordings. TapeMachine fits the bill perfectly. Download or buy Samalyse TapeMachine Recorder. This cool abstract synth allows you to pick from Flat, Draw, Swarm or Grid modes and draw patterns on the screen to play sounds.

Synth options include pitch quantisation along with basic delay and flanger effects. Plug-ins enable you to expand the app with cool features such as gravitational sensor control. Download Adam Smith Ethereal Dialpad.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. A mobile synthesizer app for Android OS. From electronic sounds to acoustic instruments and drums, you can play a wide range of sounds with a single finger.

Also provided is a sequencer that's indispensable for creating songs, so you can create tracks by recording and layering your performances. This easy yet full-fledged instrumental experience is now available on your Android smartphone.

Create melodies and phrases simply by stroking, tapping, or rubbing the touch screen with your finger. Choose from 35 different scales including chromatic, major, minor, and even blues scales. By recording sounds such as synth, bass, chords, sound effects, and drums into each part, you can quickly complete original loop tracks that are distinctively your own.

Reviews Review Policy. Eligible for Family Library. Learn More. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Heat Synthesizer Demo. Nils Schneider. Virtual analogue music synthesizer with VST integration for Android devices.

free synthesizer app android

Sequence Groovebox. Sequence Software. Music creation tool with inspiring synths and drum machines. ModSynth Modular Synthesizer.

BJ Owings. A polyphonic modular synthesizer for Android.The app market for synthesizers is hotter than ever with emulations of classics synths alongside modular madness. Here are our ten best…. Arturia iMini iOS Over a year since its release and this classic Minimoog emulation is still as great-sounding as ever, with a front panel that is easy to use, equalling a synth that is easy to program.

It comes with a huge variety of presets, a little randomly ordered at first but then you realise you can load them by programmer and type very easily. Arguably it could be more accurate sonically but, hey, what Arturia has added is a bonus to the sound overall, which is both right and varied. Web www. It uses SuperSaw waveforms, and these are combined with analogue modelled oscillators, loads of modulation and filtering meaning the resulting sound is right up there with pretty much every mobile synth out there and way beyond some.

It might be more dance orientated but the original was slap-bang in the middle of rave, and this pays homage to it while supplying enough sounds for more up-to-date genres. And some of these really are something to behold: giant bulbous creations all pulsing and shimmering with wave options to adjust parameters in time. Jasuto might just have the edge in terms of prettiness, but big fingers on both of these apps could be a problem. Korg iMS iOS As well as software versions of the MS there are even newer hardware releases including a mini keys and build-your-own!

Which all must mean that this is a great synth. You can patch things together, route audio and effects in and out or generally just have fun with the sequencer, the pattern producer and a fantastic drum module. But it features so many instant sound-shaping and swiping options that it shows a great way forward for hands-on mobile synthesis.

free synthesizer app android

There are 28 wave shapers, a synth, a drum machine and 36 instruments. You go into each section and adjust as it loops. Adjust the waveforms, for example, add some beats and then instrument notes to flesh it out. Inspiring stuff. Propellerhead Thor iOS We love a bit of marketing speak. With over presets and a synth engine based around six different oscillators and four filters you really do get an incredible range of sounds. Reactable iOS and Android Originally a research project the Reactable caught the eye of many musicians who loved the concept, which was essentially moving blocks over a scanner to synthesise sound.

Now the blocks have been turned into virtual touch elements, easily linked together to produce very interesting results when dragged into a central pulsing area. Big monophonic sounds, cool interface and very easy to use. As such then, Nave delivers the sonics but might be for the more experienced synth head.

Spend time with it and you will be very well rewarded. Click Here to Continue. Click Here for Overview Page.Synth is capable of producing some very interesting sounds.

It didn't take long to grasp the layout and how to access all the features. One of the first things that you'll spot with the app is that the designer has decided to do away with the keyboard interface and instead the scale has been spread across the coloured space at the top of the screen. This is great as phones can be a bit small to accurately hit all the keys you want to.

We were able to quickly put together a broad range of sounds using the built in FX and there are four waveforms to choose from each of which will change the sound more drastically than expected. While the main use of this app may be a time killer you will find some very interesting sounds which you can save for later use, be it in a track or just some more fiddling around.

Overall, this app is easy to use and because of that, very fun and creative. Blip is the only app of its kind on this list that takes the form of a sequencer than just a synth. The Blip synth-engine is fairly basic with ADSR and FM options but most of your time will be spent creating different sequences rather than playing around with the type of sound you are using.

You get 12, eight-step sequencers which have their own individual scale and tempo options. You can select one after another creating extensive sequences. Our reason for picking this app was that you can spend plenty of time building a "set" with build-ups, interesting chords and melodies, lots of time can be spent putting something together and is very rewarding when playing it back.

The only problems we encountered with the synth was that we didn't with the others was that there was sometimes a bit of lag between switching sequences, which is evident in the audio, but Blip might run more effectively on other Android phone models depending on their power and OS version. This was easily the most advanced synth app that made the list, despite its huge range of features it was very easy to navigate and you are clued-up with its functions in no time.

There are two keyboard layouts with zoom options to help you hit the notes you want. The huge range of features include 2 oscillators, a low pass or high pass filter, 2 LFO's, 3 FX along with an arpeggiator and a gang of other features including MIDI capabilities should you want to play it via a keyboard.

The arpeggiator allows you to tweak away at the various parameters for an endless amount of time creating all sorts of sounds and that's just what we did! It was really surprising just how powerful this little app was!

Saucillator is similar to Synth in its execution and the way you interface with it. However, it has a different way of generating sound all together. While Synth only had four waveforms to choose from, here you can add a number of different waveforms together in the 'timbre' section. These waveforms include sine, saw, square, pulse as well as some of there own custom wave shapes called Electric Eel and Starslide.

By blending these waveforms together and adding in a bit of delay, the sounds generated become very thick and textured.

Moog and Korg make synth apps free to help musicians stuck at home

One other very handy feature to this app is its looper function, allowing to loop up grooves and play over a bassline or melody. This app also has a recorder section so you are able to record you jams and export them to your computer should you wish to flesh out ideas in your DAW. Here at dBs Insider, we've been testing out free synth apps on the Google Play store and listed below are the ones that we can't put down Synth by Projectsas Apps. Ethereal Dialpad by Adam Smith.

We weren't too sure what to expect from this slightly bizarre looking app when we started playing around. While limited, these options manage to create a lovely sounding synth.

You play the Ethereal Dialpad by dragging your finger across the screen to change pitch of two oscillators against each other, or pitch against volume. Want free software? Check out our Top 10 free VST synths and all our recommendations including plugin effects, instruments and tools in our Free Software Friday feature. Blip Synthesizer by Tak Ota.

Saucillator by soundandfeury. Recent Posts. Our Courses.What are you most interested in? Date: January 10, His Molten YouTube channel has passed 3. He writes reviews and features for Sound On Sound magazine, the world's premier audio recording technology magazine and is a regular columnist focusing on PreSonus Studio One.

He is the synthesizer correspondent for news website Gearnews. Table of Contents. Apple does seem to monopolize the attention of musicians, but iOS is not the only platform with the capability of mobile music-making. When it comes to music apps, the Android advantage of supporting all sorts of hardware configurations and specifications tends to work against it.

Routing audio into and out of a device, or generating sounds is quite hard. Things on Android are a lot more varied. However, Android devices continue to improve and the number of decent music-making apps has increased to give us a range of options to choose from. Zenbeats is a proper DAW with unlimited audio and virtual instrument tracks and comes complete with a suite of instruments, effects, and loops. You can create freeform on a timeline, or in a LoopBuilder, using a step sequencer and drum machine and then mix it all down to a finished product.

Zenbeats is very at home on a touch device. It looks beautiful; the workflow and layout are well thought out, making it very easy to use with your fingers. The Step Sequencer features an auto-fill function where you can throw in notes or create beats with a single gesture. You can play an onscreen keyboard which can lock to a key and scale so that you never play a wrong note, or wire up an external MIDI controller and start sequencing.

In the basic free version, you get the timeline recording, sequencing, and LoopBuilder along with 9 virtual instruments.

Caustic 3 app overview

On the effects side, you get some EQ, compression, delay, and flange. Zenbeats is a proper DAW, with all the audio recording, loop building, MIDI sequencing, virtual instruments and mixing that you could need. Bandlab mixes up a combination of music-making and social interaction. So you can make your own music and share it and discover other artists all within the same app. But the key bit for us is that the music production part is rather good.

You have a track Mix Editor in which you can record live audio, import tracks, mix and automate your music while building your song. It has a Looper functionality for building up layers of beats, rhythms and melodies. You can quantize, gate, retrigger and add all sorts of effects. In fact, there are over guitar, bass and vocal effect presets for adding the perfect tone your tracks.

You can also open up your projects on other devices; you can share it with an iPhone or run it in a browser on any computer. Or if you want a new perspective, share it in the community and get some else to mix it. The Mobile version loses a huge amount of the clever stuff but keeps enough to make this one of the best music-making programs on any mobile platform.

There are several virtual instruments, including synths and sampled sounds. The mixer inserts offer 16 effects, covering all the usual suspects like modulation, delay, reverb, compression, filter, and distortion. You can sequence in a piano roll or sequence in steps, you can drop in samples, you can drop in patterns.

The Drum Sampler is fully integrated with the step sequencer, making it so easy to generate beats. The interface works well with fingers, opting for a straight-forward approach to the interface which lacks the flare of Stagelight but certainly does the job.

N-Track Studio has seen some welcome evolution over the last couple of versions that brings it in line with other serious DAWs. It has the studio-in-your-pocket vibe offering multi-channel audio, mixing, effects and virtual instruments.If you're a musician or fan whose concerts got scrapped over coronavirus concerns, you'll at least have more tools to produce music when you're at home.

It wasn't hugely expensive to start, but this could make it easy to recreate the first portable synth and slip some Kraftwerk- or Dr. Dre-inspired sounds into your latest track. Moog didn't say how long the price change would last, but you might want to act quickly. Android artists can grab the software for no charge until March 20th,while the iOS crowd has until March 31st to get iKaossilator.

Either app makes the most sense if you're more into looping audio and variety than strict technical realism, but that may be all you need to add some spice to a future hit. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Snapchat is facing outages in the US and Europe. More from Engadget Deals. Latest in Gear. Image credit:. Sponsored Links.

free synthesizer app android

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free synthesizer app android

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