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Ford focus engine malfunction

Had my Focus petrol 1. Took it back to the garage and they checked for codes and couldn't find anything, told me to keep an eye on it. Now the message comes up every week or so but the message goes away when I switch off the engine. I've bought my own code reader and checked for codes when the malfunction message is on screen and still nothing and no other lights on the dashboard.

The error only seems to happen when I'm driving slowly mph and normally when coasting into a junction. Pretty sure the engine goes into limp mode for a minute or so when the error appears but I don't usually notice as the problem never happens when I need significant power from the engine.

The only other symptom is that the Auto Start Stop "off" light gets stuck on but this goes off after a couple of engine restarts. I've seen this problem posted on a few forums before, but the causes seem to change drastically from DPF issues, filters or turbo problems. As the problem started straight after a service I'm sure it's something that was replaced or maybe knocked during the service.

I tried replacing the battery as it was 6 years old but I still get the message. I've also checked the air filter and looked for any loose connections around the engine and fuse box. I had new spark plugs installed in this service, could one be slightly faulty? Hi there I'm having the exact same issue you are describing but mine is a 1. Mine is going into limp mode the engine malfunction message on the dash.

Although it's probably nothing serious, it is a bit irritating having the error pop up every now and again. Just hold down the trip computer "OK" button on your steering wheel and switch on the ignition, after a couple of seconds the menu will pop up and you can scroll down to codes. Mine has never flagged up any codes but it could help you out. Had the same issue when I had a Focus turned out it needed a new fuel filter so make sure they replace the fuel filter when you have it done.

Are you using Forscan or just a generic OBD app? The dash test mode doesn't show engine fault codes, only codes relating to the dash cluster. Did you reset the battery monitoring after replacing the battery? Its been booked in for This Friday. Can you recommend a USB adapter that will work with Forscan on PC, maybe the standard apps aren't bringing up all the error codes?

I bought my cable over 4 years ago on eBay so can't provide a link to that exact one I'm afraid. Quick update, I had the error come up again when I was nearby my local Ford garage so took the car in with the error still on the dashboard and left the engine running. I'm going to call another garage and quote the fault code and see what they recommend. The other is several vacuum pipes on a metal bracket that are part of the turbo control system. Did you get yours solved?

This all happen after a night of high speed drag and power sliding. Trust ford done a good job with this car it is oh so good on power and head starts. Having all these same issues. Changed the fuel rail pressure sensor felt a bit better now change the Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor but still having power loss somewhere along I don't know what to do anymore. In addition to Symptoms, the turbo seems to be building up so easily but not giving the power. A lot of air noises but checked for leaks and found none.

Any 1 else had this experience? You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.I own a Ford Focus Tdci and for the last month or two i have been getting engine malfunction at random stages of driving to and from work.

My stepdad knows a thing or two about cars and has tried to fix it but nothing permanent has come from it. The engine malfunction warning has come on for both him and me when we have driven the car.

ford focus engine malfunction

This warning has either come when driving at times like 30mph in 3rd gear or just waiting in traffic. If anyone has an idea of what the issue could be it would be well appreciated. When it experiences the engine malfunction, the car is limited to rpm and accelerates very slowly.

You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Ford Focus Club Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted April 6. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Ford Focus P0136: O2 Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 -Sensor 2)

A split intercooler hose is a common problem. Sent from my SM-GF. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.Last week I had the message 'Engine Malfunction' come up on my dash, but the engine icon wasn't illuminated and the car drove fine. Having called the AA they pinned it down to a faulty emissions additive tank level sensor, which he found was now working again, then cleared the message on the dash.

He said it isn't an issue and there is plenty of additive in the tank. I know it might appear to be a daft idea but have you thought of going to a garage, preferably a Ford one where they will have the correct kit. Emissions additive level sensors aren't simple float switches - they can get contaminated if the emissions additive gets contaminated.

A Ford dealer will likely suggest decontaminating the tank, replacing the sensor and refilling with new additive - likely to be very expensive but I can't offer a better solution. A skew-ball idea maybe - but a Ford using "emissions additive" is presumably using PSA's Eolys system - has it had the very different Adblue emissions additive used for a top-up? The last few times I've used a Ford garage they have charged the earth for seemingly routine issues.

The Eolys does not last forever. Everytime you buy diesel Eolys is injected into the tank. Eventually you need to fill up the tank again. When we had a Focus last we were lucky because it did not use Eolys. When we replaced it I checked what Fords schedule was and they told me a refil was required every miles and a replacement DPF at miles.

ford focus engine malfunction

These kind of problems aren't going to go away on modern diesels. Unless you're doing proper mileage, and not short round the town trips, the best advice anyone can give you is dump your diesel car in favour of a petrol model.

Speaking of Eloys, I can't confirm if any of this is in place on Fords, but Peugeots rely on a number of components present and working before it will regenerate - cooling fan, glow plugs and relays, the fuel cap sensors. Not to mention a working tank and electrical components. On Peugeot's they're in the rear wheel arch and can be susceptible to dirt and water ingress over years - especially if the wheel arch liner is cracked or missing, and a service inspection item so many people overlook in general maintainance.

I recomend taking the care to the nearest ford service. Once error message comes one you might be faced with continious dpf regen.

I've heard that sometimes Engine malfunction doesen't go away due to other problems that do not show up on some testers like Glow plugs. Do you have a laptop.Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Focus Engine Malfunction! PamPet Original Poster 11 posts months. Hello all! I have a 2 year old ford focus zetec. After several attempts and being left alone for a while it started up but still said "engine malfunction and reduced acceleration" It then drove fine all day starting first time every time with no faults displaying!

Focus Engine Malfunction!

My partner has tested the battery's volts and it says I've just driven to the chinese and i've had to leave the car there as its turning over slowly many times before the engine catches, and then displays the same 2 faults as above! I have googled but can't find much assistance!

Any one got any ideas?? Pam x. Sorry, no idea what the problem could be but If its 2yrs old won't it still be under manufacturers warranty? Hi Pam Im going to hope that, given what you have said, its just a sensor malfunction. I do think though that it will need to go to a ford agent, these new engines have huge amounts of sensors ans plasic strapped to them to stop real people fiddling with them.

Does it make a grinding noise or a buzzing noise while it's trying to turn over? Only thing I can think of is to check the multi plugs under the dash in the passenger footwell, see if they're plugged in properly. Short of that you're going to end up at the dealer for a fault code reading.

Not sure I'd be wanting to drive it for fear of potential damage knowing there's a fault. Abuhamster 4 posts 99 months. Mine does this. Had an AA man test it and he said the battery and was fine the alternator was fine.

I charged the battery and hey presto its been fine since. I put my issues down to gremlins.It is typically caused when the O2 Sensor voltage is not within normal operating range.

Bank one will be the side of the engine with cylinder 1 in the firing order. Often, the only symptom of P is going to be the service engine soon light. In some cases, there can be other symptoms as well. These symptoms include:. But, like anything that causes the service engine soon light to come on it is a good idea to have it fixed as soon as possible. Driving your vehicle for really long periods of time with P can potentially lead to engine, catalytic converter damage.

Here are the most common issues that cause the P code in the Focus. They are presented in order somewhat of most to least likely to cause the problem. It is possible to diagnose the P with a multimeter.

If the light comes on, even for a second, you know that you have a short circuit causing the P trouble code. Good luck finding whatever caused it in your Ford Focus. If you have anything that you would like to add, please feel free to leave a comment below. Ford Focus P Symptoms Often, the only symptom of P is going to be the service engine soon light. Bad Oxygen Sensor — The oxygen sensor itself is one of the most likely reasons that P is triggering your service engine soon light.

See directly below. They are relatively affordable at Autozone or Amazon. Wiring Harness Damage — The wiring that goes to the front and rear oxygen sensors is very susceptible to damage. This is due to the fact that O2 sensors are under the chassis where they are subject to punishment from road debris, and they are subjected to a lot of exhaust heat. That can throw this code.

Wrong O2 Sensor — If you are getting P after having recently replaced your Oxygen sensor, it may be that the replacement is wrong or bad.Was looking for some help with an issue ive been having with my focus 1. I double checked and i definitely put the correct fuel in. I moved my car to the main car park and started looking round. Under the bonnet all seemed to be looking and soudning fine and all fluids were how they should be. At this point i rang my breakdown company cause i wasnt sure if driving was okay or not and he came and had a look and he removed my direct line drive plus box to plug in his diagnsotic machine and when he did so the error didnt come up.

So i took it for a test run without the OBD black box and it was fine I rang my insurance to claim that the device may be causing issues with my vehicle so they acceptet it to be unplugged for a while.

Two hours later after about driving 4 miles and leaving the car for some time i came back to it and the warning came on again. This warning shows no lights on dashboard and no error codes on the ecu but every time i start the engine i now get a audible warning and a message on the trip computer with a warning triangle and engine malfunction written underneath.

I called my breakdown again and they came out and had another look and the guy just said that everything seems to be fine and to take it to ford which i was hoping i wouldnt have to do.

I saw online that it could be the dpf as my car is on 60k but i do a lot of motorway mileage and i drove miles on the motorway home with clear traffic the whole way and had a little while with higher revs than normal too but the error is still coming up. Anyone have any ideas what this could be? All help greatly appreciated, thanks. Had similar weirdness with my MK2. It looks like the breakdown man only had an OBD2 scanner. There are a huge number of faults mostly non-engine that do not show up on a standard, generic scanner.

It needs a Ford specific system. I suspect dosing module problems Eolys systemespecially as it happened after a fill. This system detects fuel filling, and doses the fuel.

Ford Focus 2013 Engine Malfunction Issue

It may be low on fluid, or faulty. How many know how to use it is a matter of opinion! It is not quite as simple as the self contained OBD2 scanner, but much more comprehensive. Needs a computer of some sort. The Tunnelrat one below has been reported to work well by several people. Also they are rare in the "modified" form which is needed to access the 2nd Ford bus system. Note: Simply reading the codes can do no harm, and does not change anything. Just do not reset the codes and you would have to ask the scanner to do this if you are going to take the car to a garage.

I havent had the car long ive probably done just under 2k on it myself but it did have a full service when i bought it and according to the service book it seems to be maintained. Yeah thats right it was only OBD2 and it was as soon as i started my engine after filling up so maybe that is the case. Any idea how much ford charge to run a scan with theirs? And i have contemplated buying a modified unit to try forscan but wasnt sure whether i should or not. Get your glow plugs changed. I had the same on my MK2.By jodyjonesFebruary 18, in Ford Focus Club.

Finally picked up my plate Focus Titanium 1. Now the problem seems to be that when I hit rpm in 3rd and 4th gears the EM message appears and it goes into "limp-home" mode.

ford focus engine malfunction

I called the AA out, but the error is resetting itself immediately, so no codes readable! Has anyone else had this problem? I have every faith in the dealer repairing it, I'm just wondering if any of you guys have had similar experiences and what your outcomes were! This happened to me on two separate occasions, and both were fixed with a new fuel filter.

Also, both occasions were in very low temperatures near freezingwhere the filter had built up a layer of wax which became more solid with the cold. This caused lower fuel flow, which then gives you the low pressure.

Near freezing temperatures in my experiences too!! Sounds very similar, you've given a great explanation, I've read many posts struggling to explain the issue, thank you! It's back at the dealer now Carshop Cardiff who have booked it in with a Ford main dealer Fordthorne Cardiff for Tuesday, hopefully they'll given me an explanation instead of just handing the car back. It is the fuel filter most of the time on your age of focus 1. Replacement intervals are As Ian said, the Ford dealer said that the filter should be changed every Or is that solely for the DPF regeneration thing?

High-rev runs won't do anything to the filter, it's as you said, to try and clear the DPF. Steve, Ian, you were spot on, Ford have today confirmed it is the fuel filter!! Fingers crossed it'll be back by the weekend for me. Just make sure you go for that full Motorcraft service every year to get the fuel filter replaced as part of it. I've got a titanium x 2l desiel and I've had the problem since last June and they put a new turbo in for me cos they think it's something to do with that but today after a month having it back the light come back nd so I'm a bit annoyed with it but don't know what else it can be tbh any idea please.

I don't know ford decided to change the turbo cos they couldn't find the problem cos it kept going into limp mode nd stuff and they reckon it's the turbo so they payed for a new turbo and just come back on today.

Hi, Did You Get Your 2. I'm having the same issue myself on an mk3 Fcus Titanium X 2. I had a guy read fault codes on a computer this morning but none came up so going to have to take it to a garage tomorrow to get a full check done. What requirements need to be met for the car to regen if it is the DPF? I have tried ragging it down the motorway to no avail. Coincided with a pretty cold day and me running the tank nearly dry this morning before I could get to a petrol station.

Limped to garage who read it for me grrr I have an ELM sat at home Also asked when last serviced and according to the book: never! Book was stamped at 6 miles when new, then owned by Europcar til 58k when Evans Halshaw had it and stamped the book. The mech and I looked at each other after reading this and both said at the same time "There's no way EH touched it! So booked in for fuel filter on Thursday as I had oil and filter done a couple of weeks ago. Would have had the fuel filter done at the same time if I'd known I have a 62 plate focus estate I turned it off tonight and got some pre egnition I went in to the shop came a kout ten minutes later and car won't start engine malfunction light has come on any ideas car is stuck in a bad place.

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