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Deer stand plans 4x4

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As we start preparing for the hunting season things start to click, adrenaline rushes in, we tend to sharpen our sense, we are looking for more this season, it is natural and this is why 23 awesome completely free deer stand plans follow, they are here to help. We kick-start this super cool list with something basic but infinitely cool, hand-drawn plans for a simple hunting platform that portrays how the stand looks from front, back, top and side, everything you need basically.

Take a breath of air and get started with your deer-stand, it is as simple as the drawing suggest but it is super practical. More details here. The guide has several images that breaks the process into pieces and therefore it is relatively easy to follow, definitely worth considering. A swift construct and an easy to use deer stand plan that you can build thanks to the list of tools, materials, diagrams and instructions provided.

If you often use diagrams or photos to materialize your crafts than the tutorial that follows surely will suit you well. Keep in mind that you can easily scale this deer stand. Comfortable deer stands can accommodate you for hours, they allow you to climb inside them and move around, waiting for that perfect moment. Not all stands are like, nor they should be.

The following deer platform allows one individual to sit down and enjoy the forest atmosphere, feel its vibration in a simple setting while hunting. This platform is a great fit for short stays, secondary observation points.

You can erect it rapidly and you can plant two or three in an your area rather than one single platform. Sadly the deer stand above is not accompanied by instructions but its simplicity is somehow self-explanatory.

Sadly this ideas is no followed by plans either yet it is an immense source of inspiration, hence its presence here. The design uses reclaimed wood, in case reclaimed pallet wood to shape a really nice observation tower, a quite roomy dear stand that is super easy to build and will also protect you for the elements, an idea worth considering if you plan to stay our more this year.

A beginner builder can craft this deer stand, a stand that would easily serve an avid hunter. The through tutorial that comes with the stand includes pictures and instructions that will help you in the process. What is awesome is that the platform allows view, a great feat. If you were looking for zen kernel vs liquorix shooting house per say, this maybe it.

The tutorial envisioned by HowToSpecialist. Beginners in the woodworking universe will find this craft super easy to realize and more importantly, super practical. The illustrations presented have little to no instruction but they present each step in the development process and considering that these platforms can be a little on the rough side one can easily imagine how those pieces would have to go together. A friend with basic woodworking skills and possibly tools would come in handy but you will definitely be able to pull this together on yourself too, worry not!

The tutorial bellow features great visual aid and pretty useful instructions that you will surely appreciate when you start the project. Easy to realize tutorial, one that will be enjoyed by enthusiast and beginner carpenters alike.

The guide contains step by step visual aid and a highly detailed material list that along with the set of thoroughly explained instructions can easily grant you a successful craft. A friend with basic woodworking experience would help you a great deal in this situation but the craft is simple enough to follow regardless, worry not! Simply start the project and you will soon notice how easy everything is! If you are a landowner the deer blind makes a lit of sense, a circular or hexagonal deer blind makes even more sense as it allows you views in full comfort.

A simple box defines the volume of this deer stand but despite its simplicity we can state that this is by far one of the coolest constructs in our list as it simply looks rough, awesome.

If you are lucky enough to find on site something to elevate your box feel free to use it but keep in mind that it works well on the ground level too. The guide follows comes with a material list, a drawn plan and detailed pictures of the build that will help you a great deal; this is definitely a craft that should be shortlisted. Multiple sections have been used to divide the super detailed plans of the deer hunting box above.Are you a deer hunter or a friend to one?

Or are you looking for some I bet that you are some ideas that can help you build or upgrade your deer stand. You are definitely in the right place.

deer stand plans 4x4

It includes all the features that you will be looking for, and provides you with a list of materials and tools that you will require. Further, you will find a simple and clear set of instructions, accompanied by pictures illustrations to make it easy for you!

Tip: It is okay to improvise materials for convenience and you will even save a penny or two! Again, it would be delightful to use this plan as provided but feel free to make whatever adjustments you see necessary depending on your space and your needs. This guide is divided into five steps namely; the floor, walls, the door, roofing structure, assembling and painting.

In this first step, you will lay down the floor of your stand. Begin by cutting and assembling the materials you will need for the floor.

Ensure that the corners are square and also align the edges. Drill holes through the joists, place them in a perpendicular position and insert your screws.

After completing the floor, put together all materials required for the walls. Again, take the correct measurements cut your lumber and lay them on a flat surface.

Ensure that you frame the window openings since you will be cutting them out at the end. It is important to make align your materials properly for a neat finish. Repeat the procedure here such that you have two side walls. After making the frame, drill pilot holes through your plates. First build a door frame, add a well-fitting plywood and lock them together suing screws.

Secure the panel into the right place using nails. Fit the door in its place and adjust as needed. Once settled, secure the door with hinges and double check that it opens and closes fine. Then add the latch and close the door. Now that you have the floor, and the four walls complete, it is time to assemble them.

Step by Step Guide to Build a 4×6 Deer Stand Plans

Begin by fitting the wall frames to the floor of the structure. Plumb the walls using a spirit level. Remember to cut out window opening accurately along the frame structure.

You should have a structure like the one above. Once assembled, you will need to add the roofing structure that your chose.

how to build a deer blind - remastered

First place the rafters and screws hold them together with screws such that they are held tightly in place.If you have not already done so, you need to assemble your ft legs of your deer hunting stand by fastening 2 8-ft 2x4's and 2 4-ft 2x4's as shown left. Use 20d galvanized common nails and connector plates. If you are using 4x4's this step is not needed.

The purpose of the lower 2x4 and OSB strip is for fastening to your tree. The OSB strip is a "spacer" strip that also will support the edge of your front panel until you can fasten it. Also, in this step, fasten 16" long side supports to the fronts of the 4x4's, 48" from the top - the OSB sides will be fastened to these. You should now attach your nailing boards to your tree.

You may use as few as one or as many as needed. Note that if you use more than 2 such boards, then you will want to attach additional support pieces from your front corners to the tree - in this stand I ended up attaching 3 such additional supports, two on bottom corners and one on the top corner of my deer hunting stand.

To fasten these nailing boards I used both long pole barn spikes and 20d galvanized nails never use only pole barn spikes! Photos of both types of supports are shown below. Step 3 - Fasten Front, Then Fasten Front Panel First, you must fasten your front frame to the nailing boards, as shown in the photo directly above.

You will fasten through the lowest 48" long 2x4. You should use your small level to get the front as level as possible. You will probably need to place 2x4 pieces under one leg to obtain a level state.

Fasten your deer hunting stand in place with 20d nails and 1 or 2 long pole barn spikes. Fasten the front panel so all edges are flush with the 48" wide pieces. At this point, only use a single deck screw at each corner so you can easily move the pieces a little if needed in later steps. After all sides are on you will pound in more nails at each corner and into the corner supports.

deer stand plans 4x4

At this point, you will proceed to attaching the remaining 4x4's, diagonal supports, and decking before you attach any more sides. Then attach the remaining 4x4's and 48" end piece, also as shown left. Use your small level to get all legs and sides of your deer hunting stand fairly level and then attach the 4 5-ft long diagonal supports as shown.

Attach two 44" deck supports, about 14" from each side, as shown on the left.

deer stand plans 4x4

Also attach 4 16" decking supports, one one each corner as shown. Lay out the decking so you have 6 pieces, spaced apart by the diameter of a 20d nail I found it helpful to temporarily tack the nails in place. Then use your hand saw to cut out the corners of the last two pieces of decking, as needed. Attach all decking with 10d galvanized finish nails. Note that the 16" supports are needed to support the ends of the final two cutout pieces. At this point, you will have a sturdy structure to work off of to attach the remaining 3 sides and roof to your box style deer hunting stand.

Also, attach remaining 6 inch side supports to all 4 corners of the 4x4's so that all sides may be securely fastened at the corners midway from top to bottom. Position the 16" supports as done in Step 2. You should also temporarily attach a ledge board at the bottom of the horizontal side support for the OSB or plywood side piece to rest on while you attach it.

Now, attach the sides, starting with the side left of the door as pictured left. You may rest the side piece on the ledge board and have a helper hold it in place while you fasten it.

The ladder, rested against the side piece will also hold it in place well. Note that the front and back sides are flush with the edges of the 2x4's and the left and right sides overlap. To make and even better seal, you can apply a bead of caulk where the side pieces butt up against each other at the corners before you put the pieces up. To help square up sides, especially on that last piece, I found that I could force the side flush by temporarily screwing in a small piece of 2x4 on the adjacent corner to push the side in flush, as shown here.We recommend you to invest in the best materials you could afford.

Therefore, you should buy quality lumber, such as pine. Always take accurate measurements before adjusting the size of the components at the proper size.

Drill pilot holes trough the components before inserting the wood screws, to prevent the wood from splitting. PDF downloadable plans with premium features in the Store. The first step of the project is to build the floor frame for the 2 person deer blind.

Make sure the edges are flush and check the corners for squareness. Leave no gaps between the plywood piece and the floor frame for a professional result. Invest in pressure treated plywood, as the sheets will be exposed to the elements. The next step of the deer box project is to assemble the front and the back wall. As you can notice in the plans, you have to frame the window opening.

Moreover, double the studs placed at both ends of the wall. Next, build the side wall. Make sure the corners are right angled and insert the screws. Build the door wall frame using the information from the diagram.

As you notice in diagram, you need to frame the door and the window opening. After building the four walls of the 2 person deer stand, you need to assemble them together tightly.

Make sure the edges are flush before inserting the screws. Drill pilot holes and insert the galvanized screws. Check the corners for squareness before inserting the screws. Thank you for taking the time to create this step by step tutorial. My son and I used it to build the blind it was very easy to follow. Building the floor frame. Fitting the floor.

Building the front and back walls.If you are a hunter, a deer stand is essential to support your passion. All the plans are absolutely free, so you have to spend money only on materials. Some plans even come with real projects that are built from the instructions.

If you are here, you are looking for a simple way to make hunting easier. The only thing you have to do is select the right ones for your needs. If you want to build a small deer stand that can be disassembled easily and moved easily with a truck from one location to another, this project is what you need.

MyOutdoorPlans provides step by step instructions and easy to follow diagrams. The cut list comes with all the materials and dimensions you need for this project. The lean to roof drains the water properly and easily. The access door is paced on one side of the construction. The deer stand has also opening on the other sides of the structure. This is one of the most popular deer blind project on the internet.

11 Free DIY Deer Stand Plans

The openings placed on all sides of the deer stand give you a wide access to the field. In addition, the stand has an access door. The roof has a slope so that the water will drain properly. You can adjust the height of the elevation. In addition, the blind features window opening on all sides, so that you can have a panoramic view. The plans are nicely put together, so all you need to do is follow the instructions.

If you also need a duck blind, you need to check out this project.

DIY 4×4 Deer Blind

This small stand is elevated from the ground, making it perfect from swamps. The project comes with full instructions, diagrams and a cut list. If you are keen on building a lightweight structure for hunting that is large enough to accomodate one person, than you should take a look over these plans.

The plans are optimized for you to save money. MyOutdoorPlans has created this wonderful design that I think it will be a big hit among the hunters out there.

The access to the deer stand is easy using a door and you have a degree view using the incorporated window openings that are on all 4 sides of the construction. I have also find amazing plans for a large deer stand. The stand has windows on all 4 sides and a large door so you can have access to the interior.

Full plans HERE. MyOutdoorPlans has this great collection of free deer blind plans, so you can make your own in a few days and save tons of money. They have literally deer stands in any shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly.

They also share a free plans for a really cool shooting bench. If you want to see more garden plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of our step by step projects. Check all my woodworking project lists HERE!

Click here to cancel reply. The links provided in the Shopping Lists and Tools sections are affiliate links. How to build a deer stand. Deer box stand plans.If you like hunting, then chances are you need to build a shelter so you can hide from the elements while shooting. Pay attention to our step by step diy deer stand plans and adjust the size of the project, if you need something larger. Even if you have no prior woodworking experience, you can still build this hunting blind in one weekend.

If you want to get the job done in a professional manner, we recommend you to plan everything with attention, as to prevent costly mistakes and to build a professional garden swing.

The first step of the project is to build the floor for the deer blind stand. Make sure the corners are right-angled. Align the edges with attention, making sure they are flush.

Build the front and back walls for the deer stand. Make sure the corners are square and add waterproof glue to the joints. Fit the front and back walls to the floor frame, as shown in the diagram. Use a spirit level to plumb the walls before locking them into place with the screws. Make sure the corners are square and drill pilot holes before inserting the screws. In addition, you can adjust the size of the windows to suit your needs.

Fit the side walls to the floor, as shown in the diagram. Make sure the corners are square. Cut both ends of the rafters at 80 degrees, using a miter saw.

Fit the rafters to the top of the deer stand. Next, you need to build the front and back walls for the one person deer blind. Drill a starting hole and cut out the windows using a jigsaw. Smooth the edges with sandpaper. Attach the walls to the exterior of the deer stand. Leave no gaps between the panels and the frame. Use the panel you cut out from the back wall. Fit the door to the back wall of the deer stand.

Use two hinges to secure the door into place. In addition, use a latch to keep the door closed.But do you have a deer stand? So settle in on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and stroll through all of the options you may have for a deer stand, and the best part, all of the plans are free!

These plans are really awesome. Though they are hand drawn, you get to see what the stand looks like from the front, back, side, and top views as well. Not to mention, they also include a materials list to help you along in the shopping process. So if you are good at reading plans, then you could probably figure out how to construct this structure with very little fuss. View free deer stand plans. This is another user-friendly deer stand plan. It has a list of materials, tools, and also the time it would take for you to build it.

But it also has great visuals as well. If you are someone that is a visual learner, then I think the drawing provided should be pretty helpful in your build. Again, hopefully the combination of written details and visual details will make this ideal for many of you. The deer stands listed so far have been large enough that you can climb inside and move around in them. They have been quite roomy, actually. But not everyone desires to have a deer stand that is quite that roomy. Some people just want to have space for a single person, that you can sit in and enjoy the peace and quiet while hunting.

This is another idea that you could use to inspire you with your own build. Instead, it can be used to show you one more way that you can upcycle pallets and make a really nice deer stand. This tree stand is one that would be great for an avid hunter who may also be a beginner builder. But I really love this tree stand because it comes not only with great pictures for the visual learners like myselfbut it also has a really thorough tutorial.

So if you are looking for a great guide on building a handy deer stand, then you should check this one out. If so, then you may want to check these plans out. Which means, these plans could be a great option for anyone that is new or inexperienced to building.


These plans are not very thorough, but they could still be helpful to inspire you in your deer stand build. In fact, you can see how each step of the process develops. But if you build this alongside someone who has plenty of building experience, then you can probably take the visual and figure out how to create your own unique deer stand. This deer stand is one that is definitely homemade, but in my experience, those are often times the best because they are built by someone who loves what they do.

So this set of plans has a great visual that can be helpful in the build, and it also has a lot of helpful notes towards the build too. Which means, if you are looking for a great set of plans that are functional and informational, then these could be it.

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