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Bmw e93 convertible problems

Remember Me? So I've done alot of searching and have found vague topics on the E93 concerning several issues, and no clear answers There is some sort of a SIB but my dealer said they didn't show any here Houston 2 Where is the Vacuum hose in the trunk??

What else LOL - I know there isn't one, I just find it annoying to put it on the side compartment I'm sure it will help alot of E93 owners by keeping it all in one contained thread. Appreciate 0. Private First Class. The fluttering sound is a standing wave resonance that occurs at various combinations of speed and window openings. Mine seems worse at around 32 to 45mph with the drivers side window all the way down and the others closed.

You can reduce this by partially closing the window. This should not be confused with the suspension hitting its resonate frequency which occurs here in California at around 65mph due to the spacing of the rain groves on the road surface and the RFT's interacting with each other in the case of my non sport package wheel and tire combo.

The best way to avoid this is to drive at some other speed I'd like to know the answer to 2. I tried finding it several months ago but had zero luck. So, I did the "Golf T" mod by unplugging the hose connecting to the exhaust.

Cabrio Modul BMW E93

Same effect but would've liked doing it through the trunk for less detection. I haven't experienced the other two issues in my 11k miles thus far. Knock on wood Enlisted Member. Security Issue. When you lock the convertible with the top down or the windows open doors and storage compartments are locked. So, no one can get into the car, but they can grab your Ipod, registration, etc.If you are in a place with a good amount of sunshine, there is no better feeling than throwing the convertible roof back and experiencing a relaxing drive, feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin.

When the BMW E93 was first released, it was the top of its class. What set this vehicle apart from the other similar vehicles was that it took advantage of a hardtop roof. This roof was also uniquely-easy to use by simply pushing a button on the key fob. However, one of the main issues that occurs with the E93 is the rattling of the convertible roof.

The latches of your convertible hardtop can be the main cause of the annoying rattle. You can test for this by physically placing your hand on the roof and applying a little pressure near the latches or even at certain pressure points. If the rattle goes away, you will have an idea of what to discuss with your trusted BMW technician.

If any of these components break or begin to wear down, your rattle could be quickly and inexpensively repaired by your mechanic. In order for your BMW E93 convertible roof to function properly with no rattling, it needs enough hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid is responsible for ensuring that the convertible opens and closes as is expected. If the fluid is lowthen the roof may rattle as it is opening and closing. Just like all the other fluids in your BMW E93, the convertible roof hydraulic fluid needs to be maintained at the proper level.

The container for the hydraulic fluid is usually located in the trunk under the lining. The oil should be filled enough to reach the MAX line without going over. If the fluid is low near the MIN line, then it is time to add more. Another cause behind the rattling of your BMW E93 convertible roof could be due to the motor.

In order to function as expected, the components of the hardtop convertible need to be in the best shape. There are many parts that make up the motor, and all are crucial in ensuring the proper function. If any part of the motor has worn downbrokenor come loosethen the motor is not able to operate as you have come to expect. With a compromised motorthe convertible roof may rattle as it is opening or closing.

If parts are loose or broken, they may rattle or grind against each other, potentially leaving you with a convertible roof that may become stuck partially open.BMW took a massive leap of faith by replacing the fourth generation 3 series cabriolet with a new three-piece hard top folding roof system.

We diagnose and repair faults accurately, at a considerably discounted rate in comparison to BMW dealerships. We have dedicated our knowledge and expertise to the convertible roof system and fully understand every BMW soft top and convertible model. We have the highest quality equipment to ensure your BMW 3 series is looked after correctly and maintained to the highest standards. We emphasise on accurate diagnosis and efficient and thorough repairs using the latest technology and diagnostic equipment.

We guarantee our repairs with the minimum of a 1 year warranty. We service a full range of faults, simply let us know in the contact form or give us a call. Cayman Auto Services Ltd rated 5 out of 5 based on reviews on Google. Click here. The best convertible roof specialist.

Call us now. Office hours: 8. We specialise in solving BMW E93 convertible roof repairs. Why use us for your BMW E93 roof repairs? Discounted rates We diagnose and repair faults accurately, at a considerably discounted rate in comparison to BMW dealerships.

Knowledge and expertise We have dedicated our knowledge and expertise to the convertible roof system and fully understand every BMW soft top and convertible model. High quality equipment We have the highest quality equipment to ensure your BMW 3 series is looked after correctly and maintained to the highest standards.

Accurate, efficient diagnosis We emphasise on accurate diagnosis and efficient and thorough repairs using the latest technology and diagnostic equipment. All roof faults serviced We service a full range of faults, simply let us know in the contact form or give us a call. Common BMW 3 Series hard top and convertible roof problems.

Which BMW models do we cater for? Please complete our enquiry form so we can get in touch with you about your car roof repair:. Your details will be added to our email marketing database. We don't share this with any third party and only email you with relevant offers or news about Cayman Autos which will help you look after your convertible roof.

Read our customer reviews. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our reviews are testament to the services we provide. Please take a moment to read our Google reviews and click here to leave a review for us. We love to receive positive feedback from our customers! Sometimes you can get to know the character and culture of a company when things don't go smoothly.Original Poster.

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bmw e93 convertible problems

The folding metal roof on the E93 strikes me as pretty complex. Do leaves and other airborne plant matter clog it up if it's kept outside? Bumping this: does the lack of interest indicate that these are a faultless BMW design? Could be, but somehow I doubt it! DVandrews 1, posts months. I did some research and heard that early ones suffered with leakage and indeed two E93 M3s I took for test drives leaked like sieves. I haven't heard anything about mechanical problems with them.

I finally went for a 61 plate E93 and that certainly doesn't leak at all and seems to work faultlessly.

BMW 3-series convertible Complete Vehicle Workbook

Thanks a lot Dave, interesting! A leaky roof is a bit of a problem for many reasons Darlo74 posts months. Mine's a and I've owned for 5 years without any leaks or technical problems I wonder what the fix is to leaks - of course better that there are none at all, but BMW must have issued plenty of TIS. But good that there are some that have never had an issue.

As a matter of interest, does the roof creak at all? For instance Porsche targas are notorious for both leaks and creaks No problems at all with mine. No leaks. No other issues either. Likewise, no issues on my model. I use it loads as well. HoHoHo 14, posts months. I had a 61 plate i DCT and it was ok albeit the performance was not quite as I would have hoped. All ok aside from it leaked badly and regardless of the fact BMW had several attempts to fix it, they couldn't. Don't miss it and wouldn't buy one again.

Looks like there are mixed views then, as usual. When something works as it should, there are no problems! I have to say leaking can cause a whole lot of other problems e.Smart looks, excellent engines, practical metal folding roof, decent luggage space can be augmented by lowering rear seat backrests. Optional extras can quickly add up. Which car seat will suit you? Real MPG was created following thousands of readers telling us that their cars could not match the official figures.

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What's it like to live with your car? Love it? Loath it? We want to know. Let us know about your car - it will only take a few minutes and you could be helping thousands of others. Several complaints that roof seals leak at A pillars. Possible autobox software problem on i autos.

Specifically, "When in manual the default position is always 2nd gear which suggests it is the same in drive. Then when accelerating from low revs the car stutters and jerks, again as if it is trying to find 1st gear. Two crankshaft sensors corrode and need replacing and ECU requires a 'V29' software upgrade. Problem with new i single turbo engine not resolved by Some cars arrived at UK dealers and could not be delivered.

See link: www. Some of these countries have never used ethanol in any of their gasoline There is a dealer TSB on this and it should be attended to during routine service. Could be that ECU Testing can help. The ABS system has a speed sensor at each wheel and the main unit, which has three parts. This will take from 4 days to a week but save a lot of money. Reader who tried this got a text at 9. Dealer tried to flannel the reader that it was not his responsibility.Quick Links.

See also: Instruction and Installation Manual. E93 Introduction. E93 Body Construction.

BMW 3 Series Convertible (2007 – 2012) Review

Body Reinforcements. E93 Electronic Systems. General Vehicle Electrical. Exterior Lighting. Interior Lighting. Central Locking System. Glove Compartment Locking. Opening Glove Compartment.

bmw e93 convertible problems

Closing Glove Compartment. Locking Glove Compartment. Emergency Release of Glove Compartment. Locking Function of Center Console. Emergency Release. Anti-theft Alarm System. Power Seats with Easy Entry Function. Changes to Control Modules. Junction Box. Footwell Module.

Power Windows. Table of Contents. Since then, the 3-series convertible has evolved from a cloth top to the current retractable Length 4, mm Page 9: Body Reinforcements Body Reinforcements As with previous convertibles, additional reinforcement is added to Index Explanation Index Explanation supplement the rigidity of the body structure. Workshop Exercise - Bus System Changes Using the bus chart and classroom posters for comparison, answer the following questions. What has changed on the LIN-bus?

And Why? Which bus connects the microwave sensors to the SINE? Has anything changed in the diagnostic connection? What three modules are connected to the K-bus?

What new modules are on the MOST bus? Page 13 Interior Light Schematic Index Explanation Index Explanation Exit light, left Glove compartment lighting Door contact, left Vanity mirror light right Courtesy lighting, left Switch for vanity mirror light, right Fiber optic cable for left Charging socket door linear lighting Footwell module Side panel linear lighting, right Rear compartment footwell light, Footwell light, front left In addition to the basic functions of locking the doors, lids and flaps, two further functions have been added: automatic locking and opening of the glove compartment and the storage compartment in the center console.

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bmw e93 convertible problems

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bmw e93 convertible problems

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