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Behringer Mixer: How to do a setup

Behringer Mixers. Intuitive and full-featured. Behringer Mixers offer everything you need.

behringer mixer

Read more Intuitive and full-featured. From the traditional Xenyx analog series to the industry-standard X32 digital mixer. For years these mixers have being enabling musicians, engineers and producers to achieve the perfect sound. Whether you're looking for an analog or digital mixer, there's sure to be one for you. Read less.

Analog Mixers. Digital Mixers. Powered Mixers. Behringer X Sort by. Analog or Digital? Number of Channels. Price Range. Special Offers. View all filters. Expansion card providing an extra 32 channels of uncompressed audio.

Compact W series mixer.

behringer mixer

Easy to transport thanks to lightweight design. Available for order. High quality 32 channel interface. Designed for unbalanced line level sources. Warm, musical tones thanks to two-band EQ modelled on iconic british consoles.

Warm, musical tones thanks to three-band EQ modelled on iconic British consoles. Ideal for live use and home recording. Warm, musical tones thanks to three-band EQ modelled on iconic british consoles. Ideal for live use a.Behringer, an audio company based in Germany, manufactures mixers and effects processing equipment for live music reproduction, audio recording and professional disc jockeys.

How to Record Using a Behringer Mixer

When your mixer stops working or starts to malfunction, repairing it usually means dismantling the mixer and cleaning it out. While it is possible to perform basic repairs yourself, serious electrical repairs should be left to a qualified audio electronics equipment. Attempting major repairs yourself will void your mixer's warranty. Power down your mixer and unplug all microphone, speaker and instrument cables from all connectors on the mixer.

Unplug the mixer's power cable. Remove all knobs from the mixer. Most knobs can be removed by pulling straight up on each knob. Separate each group of knobs by the section of the mixer they were removed from. For instance, store all volume and fader knobs in one plastic bag, and store all equalization knobs in a separate bag.

Label each bag accordingly to avoid confusion. Locate, loosen and remove all Phillips screws fastening the mixer's outer casing in place. Remove each piece of the mixer's outer housing to reveal the mixer's internal electronics. Blow out all dust and debris from inside the mixer with a can of compressed air. Give special attention to circuit board areas and the individual transistors on each circuit board inside the mixer.

Be as thorough as possible. Apply a high-end audio cleaning fluid to a clean wash cloth or paper towel. You can use rubbing alcohol in lieu of a high-end cleaning solution, though a cleaning solution is formulated specifically for audio electronic components. Ezekiel James. Ezekiel James began as a music writer in Since then, James has served as a writer for several music, technology and design publications.

His work has been published on eHow, TechAxcess. Repair your Behringer audio mixer by cleaning its electrical components and connectors. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Show Comments.I have had this mixer for only a short time so far, and have already used it in performance gigs.

I bought it so I could return a borrowed mixer back to the angel who let me use it for almost a year, many thanks there. The small physical size makes it easy to carry around in a box, with most of the hook ups connected, so set up time is reduced somewhat. Because of that, there is not much room for two things I would have liked, a 5 or 6 band EQ on the output, and a second effects bus. It would have been nice to have better, high friction feet on this, it tends to slide around some times.

Even so, I like this mixer, and will keep using it. The built in effects sound good, rooms really sound like rooms. The faders are knobs instead of sliders, except the main. That's OK, I have found that sliders don't last as long, they get scratchy sooner than rotary pots to, for some reason.

The way I use this mixer is to have a mike on one mono input, and my guitar on the other. This would not work well with a passive electric system on the guitar, like a Strat, or an unamplified piezoelectric pickup. Mine has built in electronics and a low impedance output, so it works fine. I have my Android tablet on one of the stereo inputs, and use the built in EQ on that, so lack of an EQ on the output of the mixer is not a big problem.

It's nice that there are 3 more stereo inputs, some times I might need that. One thing I noticed is that the output seems to be stronger than on the older Behringer mixers I have used, and that is helpful for plugging into the house sound system. There's a very long cable which picks up a lot of noise, so more output from the mixer can bury that to some extent.

Also, there seems to be more head room on the mike, I play flutes and if they get distorted, they sound terrible. That doesn't happen easily on this mixer. All in all, it's a good mixer, especially for a small, portable system that can be used on the road. Hard to beat at the price, for sure. I was pleasantly surprised at the features and high quality of this unit at this price point. Incredibly great value. Very versatile, More features than a person could use.

All in a compact footprint. Easy to hookup. I did need adapters for my mics-they are phone plug-not XLR hookup, as well as phono plug to RCA adapters, but that's because of my cabling, not a flaw in the design. This can be hooked up in many configurations. A choice of echo-delay modes is enough to suit any ones requirement.

This unit is great for home studio use. I'm still learning the finer points, but for my purposes it's exactly what I hoped it would be. The main function I wanted was the effects for recording and it works great for that! I also use it to plug into my small pa system, watt Kustomto give it a fuller sound, again, the effectswhen we get together in a small room to practice.

Great little mixer! Nice features in small mixer, high quality currently I use it at home for Karaoke and hobby performance with a guitar and keyboard very complete and low noise, recommend. Estoy muy contento con mi Nuevo equipo, pues me realiza el trabajo para la cual lo quiero muy excelente. Lo recomiendo. Behringer FX Overview. Switchable, onboard 48V phantom power allows you to plug in both dynamic and studio-grade condenser microphones.

A gain knob lets you adjust the input level and a clip LED alerts you if you are overdriving the input.Got a solo gig at the local coffee shop? Need to make a quick public announcement? Simple sound calls for the simply superb XENYXthe Behringer mixer with everything you need to give an intimate setting incredible sound.

These state-of-the-art mic pres represent a major step in the evolution of audio technology — and they can easily hold their own, even when compared to the most expensive stand-alone mic preamps.

Those legendary mixing desks soon became the envy of engineers and producers all over the world. The channel EQ on our XENYX mixers is based on that very same circuitry, allowing you to imbue signals with incredible warmth and detailed musical character. Even when applied generously, these equalizers exhibit sweet forgiveness and superb audio quality.

The 3-band British EQ is lauded throughout the sound engineering world for its warm, musical sound. Weighing in at a mere 2.

Behringer Mixers

Schools, meeting rooms, restaurants and songsmiths the world over agree this mighty mite is a high-fidelity lifesaver. No matter what your audio mixing needs, the XENYX provides the performance and features that can take your talent to the next level, at a price sure to amaze you. Try one on today — we have one available in your size! T hank You for visiting my ebay store! If you have questions about this item please email me before placing your order. I do my very best to describe all items accurately.

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behringer mixer

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Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. Got a solo gig at the local coffee shop? Need to make a quick public announcement? Simple sound calls for the simply superb Xenyxthe mixer with everything you need to give an intimate setting incredible sound.

Behringer 802 8-Input 2-Bus Mixer XENYX EQ

Those legendary mixing desks soon became the envy of engineers and producers all over the world. The channel EQ on our Neo-classic 'British' 2-band EQ for warm and musical soundmixers is based on that very same circuitry, allowing you to imbue signals with incredible warmth and detailed musical character.

Even when applied generously, these equalizers exhibit sweet forgiveness and superb audio quality. The 5-input, 2-bus Xenyx with xenyx mic preamp can accommodate either a dynamic or condenser microphone.

behringer mixer

The 2-band British EQ is famous for its warm, musical sound. Weighing in at a mere 1. Schools, meeting rooms, restaurants and songsmiths the world over agree this mighty mite is a high-fidelity lifesaver. No matter what your audio mixing needs, the xenyx provides the performance and features that can take your talent to the next level,Professional sound quality, our legendary Xenyx mic preamps, British-style EQs and rugged reliability make Xenyx ideal for both your live gigs and recording.

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No deductibles or added costs.Computer recording with a Behringer mixer requires common connection cables and recording software. Behringer is a brand of audio devices for entry-level to semi-professional live and recording use and both analog and USB mixers are available which may be used for recording.

Behringer USB mixers allow control over the audio signal during recording and post-production functions such as mixing and playback, but analog mixers only allow control over the audio signal during recording. The quality of the recording is primarily dependent on the experience and talent of the user, who takes the necessary time to fully understand the equipment and recording principles.

Plug the Behringer mixer into a standard electrical outlet. Note that Behringer and some other mixer brands do not feature power switches and are turned on by virtue of being connected to electricity. Plug your instrument or microphone into one of the channel inputs on the mixer with a standard musical instrument or microphone cable.

Play your instrument or speak into the microphone while adjusting the "Gain" control on the mixer channel until the red "Peak" LED lights on the right side of the mixer illuminate.

Continue playing or speaking while turning the gain control down counter-clockwise until the read peak light no longer illuminates. Continue playing or speaking while turning up the headphone volume knob and main channel fader or rotary level control depending on model until you hear sound at a comfortable listening volume.

Arm a recording track in your recording software and turn the mixer's "Main Mix" fader or rotary control until the software's sound meter reads slightly below the red "Peak" indicator. Consult your software manual for specific instructions on how to arm tracks. Press "Stop" on the recording software screen when the recording is finished and press "Play" to listen to the recording track before continuing.

Consult your software owner's manual for specific instructions on adding additional recording tracks, saving and modifying recordings. Experiment with the mixer's equalization controls, microphone placement and musical instrument controls for best sound. Recording is a technical art, requiring experimentation and technical knowledge. Consult your Behringer mixer owner's manual for alternative connection methods when using studio speaker monitors and external effect and processing units.

If using studio condenser microphones, turn on the mixer's "Phantom Power" switch to provide volt power to the microphone. Behringer bundles Audacity recording software with all USB mixers. You may download Audacity for free through the Audacity website. Most any recording software can be used; however, including programs that may be already installed on your computer. Continuously monitor the red peak indicators on both the mixer and software screen.

If the audio signal reaches red at any point, recording distortion will result and ruin the recording. If this happens, turn down the channel gain or level control until the red peaks are no longer visible. If using phantom power for condenser microphones, plugging non-powered microphones into the mixer at the same time may damage the non-powered microphone. This is especially true with "ribbon element" microphones. Consult your microphone owner's manual for details. Matt McKay began his writing career inwriting training programs and articles for a national corporation.

His work has appeared in various online publications and materials for private companies. McKay has experience in entrepreneurship, corporate training, human resources, technology and the music business.

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